Wednesday, April 29, 2009

UPDATE from yesterday...glasses for Macey

We chose for Macey's glasses. We went to Edmond, only one of the 3 places in the entire state of Oklahoma that sell this brand. Thank goodness it's only 30 minutes away and in my hometown. We were sold on the concept of the glasses. I would invite you to their website for the details. Basically a single mother of a daughter with Down Syndrome designed the glasses for those who have Down Syndrome, kids and adults too. They are made for them. The price was reasonable and the service was great. We are looking forward to seeing Macey with her new "eyes" one day next week. Thank You to each one of you who contributed with your thoughts and opinions. I'll let you know how they hold up. I'm not too worried about Macey it's her little brother with the quick hands I'm worried about. :) The picture was taken from the store. They are the model and size we chose just not the lime green color. Stay tuned for the color we chose. Too be continued...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Glasses for one and surgery for the other

Guess who needs glasses? Macey
Guess who needs surgery? Marcus
Who knew?
We took both kids in today to have their eyes examined. We knew Marcus needed help. We were counting on glasses to correct his crossed eyes. Nope, surgery for him. He has good vision and doesn't need glasses. The surgery will correct his crossed eyes.
It is a muscle problem not a vision problem. The surgery is only 15 minutes long, out patient and he'll be up and going that afternoon. No patches needed just antibiotic drops for 2 weeks and no swimming for those two weeks. I just laughed! We just recently got him in the bath, I haven't even thought about a swimming pool. :)
Macey is near sided and has astigmatism in both eyes. She needs glasses. We are on the hunt for a good pair of glasses for her. Any suggestions?

I have a feeling this is only the beginning. We are grateful the issues we have encountered thus far are ALL fixable and not life threatning, PRAISE GOD!
Thank You for your enduring love, prayers and support. We are blessed to have you. We believe Marcus and Macey know they are loved by you too!

Monday, April 27, 2009

A trip to the Dr. and a 1st to McD's

Today was a re-check for both Marcus and Macey with our pediatrician. They are both doing great! They both have gained weight over the past 2 weeks since our last visit. That was our priority. We set up more appointments for both of them. It is a busy time for doctor's offices for us. They have both really been troopers about the whole thing. We look forward to the day when we only go once a year for our well child check up, ha ha! Really, we are blessed to have the support to care for these kiddos. We want to make sure everything is OK with both of them. We have received nothing but positive responses from the medical community we have enquired so far. We are just taking it one appointment at a time. Please continue to pray for Marcus and Macey along with their health care providers. This is ALL new to us. So far, so good.
Thank You for your continued prayers.

The kids have both received their immunizations at both doctor visits. They have been so brave. It was well after lunchtime after our appointment. We were all hungry. It was time to make a first trip to McD's. Who new they would have loved french fries so much. We now know to feed them their chicken nuggets before the fries. :)
It has been a real treat to watch both of them with their "firsts" or firsts with us.
I am extremely blessed to be with both of them each day. I am even more blessed that Taylor and Tanner have been through EVERYTHING with us. I wouldn't have it any other way. They are the BEST big brothers and sisters ever. I appreciate their help too!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

NSD and The Arts Festival

Today was promising to be a busy, full, long day. I wouldn't have it any other way. Wayne and I both had our two favorite things scheduled on the same day at the same time. It was National Scrap booking Day for me with about 40 other croppers and Wayne and his band were scheduled to play right smack dab in the middle of the day at the Arts Festival downtown OKC at 2pm. I said to myself, we can do this. We did do it! Wayne has always been supportive of my Creative Memories business and I of his music ministry. I was excited to see him play and be with the kids while he did. The afternoon was beautiful and the crowd really enjoyed the band. It was a great break for me in the middle of a long, busy day.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our 2nd - first family picture

Let me explain. I wanted to have our family's picture made just after we returned home from Ukraine. Probably not the best idea since our new kiddos are not too familiar with a camera. Macey is still wandering why I'm chasing her around with this black box. Anyway, it just so happens that our church is finishing up with a new church directory. A company comes to the church to take professional pictures to then make into a directory. This doesn't happen very often so we were glad to be home with Marcus and Macey in time to be included. We were only home 4 days before our appointment. We shopped for clothes for the picture and Easter Sunday, they had a dual purpose. So far everything was going good. We all looked great, matching outfits, our appointment was after nap time, all was good. Except for the fact that our new kids are not too photogenic just yet. Poor Macey looked scared to death under all those lights with someone hollering behind a black box (in the dark) telling her to say, cheese. She wasn't having it. Needless to say, we received our free 8x10 for participating but didn't order one to put over the fireplace. I was disappointed but not discouraged.
I received an e-mail from a dear friend of mine who is launching her own professional photography business: (It's about time girl) I immediately called her and asked if she was up for the challenge of shooting the NEW Dickinson family. She was excited about the opportunity. We met at a local park, dressed casually and just had a good time. My purpose was to have them made so we could document what Marcus and Macey looked like when we got home but also to make a THANK YOU card for all of those who have supported and continue to support our adoption. We are so blessed to have become Marcus and Macey's Forever Family, we want to share them with you.
Mission accomplished!

Family and friends please feel free to visit Angie's website to order your prints of the NEW Dickinson family. Enter your e-mail and Dickinson423 for the password. Let me know if you have any questions. They will only be available for purchase for one month. So order quickly! Thank You for your adoption support and the support of Angie's new business. I would encourage you to contact her to book your next event. You'll be glad you did.
P.S. She has a booking special for the month of May.


Macey's first Haircut

We are having family pictures made this afternoon. We decided Macey's bangs needed to be trimmed and the cut needed to be shaped just a bit. My dear friend Tammi, who is in my Sunday School class at church gave Macey her first haircut. Macey did well! I think she enjoyed the pampering Tammi provided. Macey loved all the attention she received from the other ladies at the shop. They adored her, rightfully so. I couldn't be more proud of her. She is really adjusting well. She is a blessing!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Princess Macey!

I would have to say she wears the tiara well. She's makes a beautiful princess. Macey is much like a typical four year old little preschooler. I forget sometimes she even has Ds. She is adjusting well and just brings so much joy to our lives. We are blessed to have been chosen to be her Forever Family!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Showered with Blessings

We were showered with blessings from our friends and family at our adoption shower. Our church family, friends and family gave us a wonderful time this afternoon. We took the kids to church this morning and they had their first experience in the child care nursery. They did great! We picked them up before the Sunday School hour to bring them home for lunch. (Thank You Bessert Family for a wonderful meal.) After having lunch together it was time for naps. We had to get those in before the shower at 3pm. We were greeted by the wonderful hostesses. They had prepared a wonderful shower for us including cake, punch, balloons and gifts. A BIG thank you to each one of you who gave of your time to bless us today. We felt extremely blessed with the outpouring of those who came and the gifts we received. It was a good time of fellowship, a time to share our experience and a time to share Macey and Marcus with others. We could not have done this without the love and support of our family and friends. Thank You does not seem like enough. We are grateful for your love and friendship.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bath time Miracle for Marcus

Today was the day...Marcus loved his bath. It's Saturday morning and we were keeping our morning routine. We had breakfast together as a family and it was now time for the little ones to have a bath. Sometimes when I carry Marcus to the bath and grab the hooded towel out of the linen closet in the hallway he begins to cry. Even if he has a "blow-out" and I need to change his diaper on tile and have water and soap near by he cries when we go to the bathroom. Today was different, not for me but for him. I did the same thing I always do. Macey was excited for bath time and had her night gown and Pull Up off before I could even run the bath water. Marcus sat on a towel on the floor as I ran the bath cries. I put Macey in first and he stood up to the side of the tub (on the outside) and began splashing the crying. I took off his footed PJ's and then his tears. I then put him in his bath seat and he began splashing the water in the tub. Macey thought this was great fun and joined him. They made me so happy just watching them play in the water and playing together worries. I quickly hollered for Wayne to come see this. It was great that he was home and able to catch this moment. It was a moment we had been praying for since our first experience with bath time in Izmail. We pray this is a beginning to the end of those terrible experiences for him. He is home, safe, well and loved. I think he knows it! I will keep you posted on how he does for his bath tomorrow morning before church.
Tomorrow is our adoption shower hosted by family and friends. If your local and would like to meet the kids please feel free to come by FBC of Moore from 3-5pm.
We would love to share them with you.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

M & M's first Pediatric visit

I was right Dr. Morrow just adored Marcus and Macey. We had their first appointment with their pediatrician this afternoon. After filling out mounds of initial paperwork the kids were seen. We started out at the scales. Marcus weighed 22 lbs. and 14 oz., was 34 inches long at 3 years old. He didn't even make it on "the chart." Macey weighed 28lbs. and 11 oz., was 36 inches long at 4 years old. She was only in the 5% of "the growth chart." We were encouraged with ALL Dr. Morrow had to say. Dr. Morrow wanted to know the medical history of both children. That was an easy form to fill out: I wrote Nothing! We have NO history. Only what we were given at the medical exam and a small bit of information that the orphanage provided. Dr. Morrow asked that we begin TODAY with both kids. This will be the first day of their history. This was a relief. I felt like she was assertive and ready to begin helping our kids were they are TODAY! I couldn't agree more. She started with Macey: she looked good, she was excited that she was bonding well and understanding us, she thought teaching her sign language was a good idea - whatever we need to do to communicate, she thought Macey going to school in the Fall would be good for her and the services they provide for her should be enough, she was glad she was sleeping well in a toddler bed and was glad we are working with her on potty training. She did ask that we increase her calories. Marcus was another story. She wants to take one step at a time with him, she doesn't want to miss anything. She agreed that school, would be fine for him in the fall too but that it wouldn't be enough therapy for him - he needs OT now. She was concerned that he was malnourished and insisted that we increase his calories immediately. He needs to gain weight with a high calorie/fat diet. She said the baby food was a good place to start for texture but it wasn't enough for calories. Baby food only has 25 calories per jar. She wants him on Pedisure since he is not interested in drinking whole milk or anything for that matter. He already has an appointment for his eyes later this month. We have no idea what the poor boy can and can not see. She will schedule a echo-cardiogram for both of them soon. Also, they will need to visit the ENT to see if they may need tubes. Macey needs to visit Dr. Morrow another time to have the wax cleaned out of her ears, there's more than I can clean out myself. Today they both got shots and blood drawn at the lab. They tested for Leukemia, thyroid, HIV and something else, maybe CVC? They also sent off for their genetic testing. We should have those results in 4-6 weeks. I would say we are off to a great start. Dr. Morrow was professional, through and personable. She said she wanted to go over Marcus' chart and make a Plan of Action for us to follow. She asked us not to be overwhelmed but to take each thing as it comes. It will be work but he has potential. She reminded me that he has been neglected. My heart sank at the reminder. He has such a sweet spirit. He loves to laugh and cuddle. God saved him just for us. Macey has been a real blessing. Someone asked me, "Who was easier to take care of?" I quickly told them Marcus by far. He wants to be fed, loved on - cuddled with and put to bed when he's tired. Macey is a full fledged, 4 year old toddler. She's pretty typical to me. She is bonding well and understanding so quickly. Her bath time is getting so much better now. I have to let the water out before she will get out of the tub. She doesn't always want to slow down long enough to take a nap but is glad she did when she wakes up rested. She is an absolute joy - hence her middle name Tatum (Brings Joy). We feel like today is the beginning. The beginning of the medical help they so desperately deserve. Wayne and I are committed to do everything possible to help both of them grow to their greatest potential. I am confident that Dr. Morrow has their best interest at hand. Please continue to pray for Marcus and Macey - Pray for their test results, the rest of their immunizations they need, Dr. Morrow for wisdom and for Wayne and I - that we would be patient and listen for God's voice as we care for our children. This is ALL new to us. We are not overwhelmed today just excited about what's to come for them both. Pray God will continue to provide through our finances as we have our adoption loan to pay and new doctor bills too. We truly believe God allowed us to rescue both Marcus and Macey and HE will provide for them. I thank God he has intrusted them to us - what an awesome privilege we have been given. We will keep you posted with their progress and any results we receive.

THANK YOU to my sister Jennifer who joined us at the doctor's office today. I appreciate the support, extra set of ears to take all this information in and the extra set of loving arms you provided for Marcus and Macey. I didn't think I needed help but boy was I wrong. Thanks for being there when we needed you. Your acts of kindness are welcomed and appreciated.

Tanner, You are the Best NEW Big Brother ever! Thank You for caring for Marcus and Macey like you do. I appreciate the help with the doors at the doctor's office, you feeding them baby goldfish for a snack, loving on them after their shots and helping
mommy take down the new stroller in the parking garage.:) Your the Best Big Helper!
Mommy loves you more!


Monday, April 13, 2009

We've been home a week!

PICTURES: FBC of Moore Easter morning service - Our Easter Family Picture - Eli Malone and Macey hunting eggs, Fellowship with the Malone's - A visit from grandpa - Macey is a good eater - This is how I'm greeted each morning by Marcus - A visit from Nana - A new Leap Pad for Macey from the Bessert Family - Bathtime for Macey (an answer to prayer) - A visit from Micah Malone with Big Wayne - Marcus and Macey on their first night home - Taylor and Tanner in the Germany airport - Marcus and Macey ready to board the plane from Ukraine to America

We have been home one whole week. I have to share the past several days with each of you.
SUNDAY - It started on our return home from Ukraine. We were exhausted and ready to be home. We were greeted at our OKC Will Rogers World Airport by our friends and family. I was overwhelmed with the love from each of them. I cried when I saw the banners welcoming us home held by our friends and family. It felt so good to be missed! We were excited to be hugged and loved on by those who cared. Thank You to each one of you who came out to meet us and welcome us home.
MONDAY - Chris and Mary Malone stopped by to introduce Micah and Matthew to us and our new little ones to them. It was a short, sweet visit. Wayne loved Micah. Micah wanted Big Wayne to hold him and was really excited with the love and attention Wayne showed him. Matthew was sweet and kind. He reminded us of Eli. Chris was fond of Marcus. Marcus enjoyed showing his love by kissing Chris on the chin, just like Eli does. Chris had a hard time keeping his glasses on. Marcus loves glasses! It was great to be home with our dear friends and the kids we rescued together!
TUESDAY - My sister Jennifer took the day off work to spend time with the kids and help me where the help was needed. We decided we better make a trip to the mall. Easter was coming up and our church directory pictures too. We needed clothes for the kids. We found adorable matching outfits for the "littles" on the sale rack at Children's Place. Tanner went to his own size rack and pulled off the same matching sweater as Marcus. It was great that he wanted to be a part too, all on his own. The boys looked so handsome and Macey loved trying on dresses. Taylor had fun helping pick their outfits. I have a feeling Taylor and Macey will have fun shopping together. After finding all the right clothes, shoes and accessories it was lunchtime. We treated my sister to lunch and enjoyed our time together. Jennifer was a big help and just wanted to have a part of our special outing. She has been a HUGE support from day one. It was great to be together with our new additions, Thanks Jen!
Alyson Lee stopped by to return our house key that afternoon. It was a sweet visit. She enjoyed getting to see the kids at home. The first time she met them they were half asleep in the stroller at the airport at 9 o'clock at night. Alyson was so gracious to care for our home while we were away. I am still finding things today that she has done for us while we were away. Thank You doesn't seem like enough.
WEDNESDAY - Carol brought over a fresh baked loaf of bread and a warm pan of chocolate bars. It was a welcome treat, homemade at that! She was such a prayer warrior and encourager while we were away. The days that we weren't able to post meant she knew we needed her prayers even more. She and her husband Jim are looking forward to having Marcus in their Sunday School class. They continue to be a blessing to our family.
My mom, Nana came to meet her newest grandchildren for the very first time. It was a short visit. She came after work then left before we went to dinner at the church. I think she just wanted to see them in person. We brought Nana back a scarf from the Ukraine we knew she would enjoy wearing. We look forward to a longer visit next time.
We decided to introduce the littles to our church family at our Wednesday night meal. We knew we would be attending church on Easter Sunday and did not want that to be their first visit. It was a great relaxing evening over a warm meal. We were able to introduce them to friends and share part of our trip with them also. We felt their love and how much we were missed that evening. It was great to be HOME!
THURSDAY - We have enjoyed our time home together. Marcus and Macey have both slept through each night since we have come home. Bath time is MUCH better for Macey, not so much for Marcus. We continue to keep them on a schedule for eating and napping. We are amazed at how well they are adjusting to us and our home.
This afternoon is our appointment for the church directory pictures. We had a good lunch and put them down for their naps. We were ready for a good "first" family picture. Unfortunately there was not a great one for us to purchase. We did choose one for the church directory. It will be there for the next five years. :) Macey looked stunned and Marcus was well Marcus. They are definitely not fond of the camera and lights. Don't worry it's just a matter of time before they'll be hammin' it up for the camera. Macey is still wondering what that black box is doing in front of my face. I guess they haven't had the paparazzi following them around before. :)
FRIDAY - Taylor had her evaluation for her upcoming oral surgery. She will be soar for a few days as they will cut her gums open to expose the teeth that need to come on through. This is all part of the braces process. She is looking forward to the end. Please pray for her the morning of Thursday, April 16th at 8am. I'll keep you posted. Taylor was able to babysit for a little while for the Malone's Friday afternoon. She sat with Eli and Matthew while they took their afternoon naps and Mary took one of the other kids to their appointments. Taylor was thrilled with the opportunity. She then spent the night with her best friend Hannah Malone. They had a lot of catching up to do. Taylor really missed her friends Blake and Hannah. She was so glad to be home with them.
Wayne took Tanner with him that evening to play for a 50th birthday party. It was just me and the littles all evening. What a sweet time of cuddle and play we had. I hardly wanted to put them to bed after their baths. I just wanted to spend more time with them both. This was one of the moments I longed for and it was here. I am praising God for his goodness. We are truly blessed!
SATURDAY - I woke up to a disaster. Remember I told you Wayne had played the night before. He has his own Christian Country band and they had played last night. Wayne brought his equipment trailer home that night and parked it in the street, in front of our home. It was locked and attached to our vehicle. We also live next door to a OK Highway Patrolman. We had been robbed! The door to the trailer was open, the lock had been cut and the thief stole Wayne's equipment. Over $2,000 worth of equipment was stolen. I was heart sick. I hated to come in to tell Wayne something was terribly wrong. His face and spirit just sank. I felt so sorry for him. We did file a police report. Because of the recent kitchen fire and our travels to Ukraine we have not unpacked any paperwork. It would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Wayne says, "God provided it once, He can provide it again." I pray God provides for Wayne. He wants for nothing and asks for nothing either.
We spent the afternoon and evening with the Malone's and another couple from Sunday School, Brenda and Randy. It was a beautiful day! We dyed eggs, hunted 250 plastic eggs, ate grilled hamburgers with the fixin's and celebrated Blake Malone's 15th birthday. This was a day I had been looking forward to. All of us together just sharing our families and time with each other. ALL of the kids did great! We spent a lot of time outside that afternoon. We are grateful for the Malone's friendship, encouragement and support. They continue to be an inspiration to us.
SUNDAY - Happy Easter! This is a day to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord. There was NO other place I would have rather been than to be in the worship service at FBC of Moore. We enjoyed breakfast that morning provided by the church. What a treat! Taylor and Tanner went to their classes while Wayne and I took Marcus and Macey with us to service. It felt so good to be back in our seats. Ken took good care of them while we were gone to Ukraine. The music was inspiring and amazing. I stood in the front row, holding Wayne's hand while Macey was on my hip with tears streaming down my face. The Holy Spirit met us there this morning. It felt SO good to be in the House of the Lord. I never knew how much I really missed our church family, the music and the message until we were gone for 5 weeks, in a row. We've never been gone for more than one week at a time. I praised God and thanked Him for the gift of Marcus and Macey, my husband, Taylor and Tanner, the service of our church and for ALL of those church friends and family who loved us ALL the way HOME! God is so Good! This was an Easter I will never forget.
He has Risen;
He has Risen indeed!
My sister, Jennifer and her children came over this evening. We just spent time together, no agenda. It was a last minute decision to come by. She is so excited to spend time with Macey and Marcus. The cousins were excited to come play also. My 1 year old nephew, Jordan loved the attention Jennifer was giving Marcus so much that he made sure he wasn't left out. He's been the baby for a while now, it was cute! Payton is the proud Big cousin, kind of like a big brother would be and Riley adores her new cousins too. This adoption has brought us closer together. There's something about babies that will do that. :) We are grateful for ANY time spent with those we love. I am just so excited that they have been received so well. They are welcomed and loved by so many.
MONDAY - Wayne went back to work today! He is not completely well but it was time. Please pray for him as he is still with the Ukrainian cold and having a hard time sleeping at night. His work schedule has him up and gone by 5am. The good thing is he's home by 3pm. It's great for the family. Wayne's shop presented him with a beautiful picture frame and a OKC Zoo pass for the family to enjoy. What a pleasant surprise! I can not wait to fill the frame with pictures of the NEW family and spend many of hours at the zoo. I just know Marcus and Macey are going to love it as much as Taylor and Tanner still do. I am so glad his boss and co-workers showed Wayne such an act of kindness. We are grateful and appreciative.
Today was our first day back to school since returning home from our 5 week adventure. It was like the first day of school all over again. We are finding out what works with 2 new toddlers in the home. It's what I love about homeschooling, flexibility. The big kids did great! We will pick up were we left off today first thing in the morning. We will start early.
The "littles" have their first doctor's appointment right after lunch. I can hardly wait for Dr. Morrow to meet them. She is going to fall head over heals in love with them, I just know it. Pray for a good visit. I will keep you posted on the details.
Thanks for reading ALL about our first week home as a NEW family of six. We are blessed! We ask that you continue to follow along as our journey has really only just begun. We love you and appreciate your enduring support.