Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm gonna miss them like crazy

Sometimes it's nice just to get a few good photos of my cuties for no reason at all. They are changing so quickly. The video that Wayne made this week just brings tears to my eyes. To see were they came from just 3 short months ago until now is nothing short of amazing. I don't want to forget a single moment of it. I am blessed to be at home with them and watch most every new change that occurs. They are progressing in each of their therapies just beautifully, they are bonding and attaching to the 4 of us so well, they still sleep through each night, they love to take baths and they are healthy, we are blessed. They both begin school in just a few short weeks. Yes, we home school Taylor and Tanner and this year I had to admit I need help. We have recently doubled the size of our family, not to mention that they are both toddlers. They are both enrolled in a DD class in the local public school. One will go in the morning and one in the afternoon. I will miss them terribly. This is not about me but what's best for them. I am praying they will be well loved, cared for and taught what they need to learn and that they reach their full potential. We did not rescue them to ONLY save their lives but to also guide them into becoming productive citizens and share the testimony of God's love for them. They have a story to tell...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Marcus' surgery was a success!

We are praising God for his goodness today! Marcus did just beautifully. He hadn't had anything to eat after 8pm last night. I expected him to be so hungry this morning that he would eat anything, wrong. He could only have clear liquids until 10:30 this morning. He tried Jello for the first time, not a good time to try something new. Needless to say he spent this morning hungry. He was actually very content for a little boy who loves to eat EVERY time someone passes the kitchen. We arrived at Children's Hospital by 11:30, this is about his lunch time then off for a nap. He fell asleep on me in the waiting room today, no fussing just sleepy. It was so sweet. He normally just wants to be laid in his crib for nap time. We were able once again to share our adoption story with a wonderful family as we were waiting. God always places someone who wants to hear our story. I gladly share anytime I'm given the opportunity. We didn't wait long before they took us back and got him prepped to go. We met the team of doctors and nurses. When I say team, I mean it. There were several people who were assisting in one way or another. They were definitely plenty staffed. One of the nurses recognized our family from the News Channel 4 story they did on us at Mother's Day. She was excited to meet Marcus. Once again we were able to share God's goodness. Marcus was cooperative during this wait. We changed him into his hospital gown, it swallowed him. He was on and off asleep during the entire wait, which made the wait manageable. I guess I expected him to be cranky and fussy during lunch and nap time. He would sign eat, cracker, apple, anything, he was desperate. I would tell him, "in a little bit" and he would drift off to sleep, this was before any meds. The staff was excellent. They answered any questions Wayne or I had and were happy to do so. They were very attentive and just adored Marcus, who wouldn't? After about 2 hours after arriving Marcus was taken back for surgery. I was able to join him while they put him to sleep. I had to suit up. And before you ask, NO I did not get a picture of that, thank goodness. Marcus was so sweet and calm. It felt good to be by his side. One of the nurses commented on how trusting he was. She was glad I stayed with him. They said he was one of the best kids they had dealt with. He was very calm and relaxed. It was the Lord's blessing. I'm so glad he wasn't upset or anxious. It made it much easier to leave him. It took me longer to suit up then it did to hold his hand while he fell asleep. They put a cherry flavored mask on him, he licked it and was out within just a minute or so. The nurse was so sweet to sing to him as he fell asleep. A moment I won't soon forget. Wayne and I grabbed a quick bite to eat in the cafeteria before they called us back upstairs. The doctor came to tell us he did just beautifully. Everything went great and no problems. Those were welcome words to my ears. We were soon called back to recovery. He was knocked out when we first saw him. We were asked not to arouse him and let him wake up on his own. Within about 30 minutes of him being in recovery he just popped his eyes wide open, that was it. He was given a sippy cup of diluted apple juice shortly after. He sat on my lap and drank ALL 8oz. in about 4-5 minutes, almost non-stop. This is great for a kid who doesn't drink well from a sippy cup at all. That's how thirsty he was. I was so afraid he might puke on me, but he never did. The nurses in both recovery areas were just all over him. They confirmed that he was a sweet, lovin' little boy. It was a relief to know that he was well cared for and was in good hands. You have to remember this is ALL new to us. We are grateful this is his last procedure and do not want this hospital or surgery thing to be something we would have to get use to. We are truly blessed and we thank God for his loving protection he provided for us today.
How is Marcus now? He is really doing great! You wouldn't know that he had any kind of procedure done today. He climbed on and off the couch several times, ate REALLY good at supper and was anxious to get in his own bed for a good nights sleep. With his pain medicine he should sleep well through the night. Keep praying for this little guy and his recovery over the next several days.
Thanks for the prayers. We felt each and every one of them today!

For those of you who read to the end of this long post I get to share that Marcus weighs 28 lbs.! He is growing and thriving. His hair is growing in thick, his eyes look amazing and he is a little punkin' for sure.
Praise God that he would allow us to care for such a sweet boy. It is our pleasure!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Surgery tomorrow for Marcus

Yes, I know it's been WAY too long since I've posted. I am working on updates as we speak. Since Marcus' eye surgery we have celebrated Wayne's 1st Father's Day as a father of 4, participated in VBS, continue our weekly therapies, visited the zoo, celebrated M&M's first Independence Day and so much more. I can not wait to share the updates. Soon and very soon.

Marcus was scheduled to have his circumcision next month, the week school starts. We have had this appointment for weeks. They are just that busy during the summer months. I asked to be put on their cancellation list. They called today during OT to tell us they have an opening TOMORROW. There is nothing to prepare for, no pre-op for us. He just can't have any solids after midnight and only clear liquids until 10:30. Please pray for Marcus as he will be put under for this out patient procedure. I am looking forward to being home tomorrow evening and just taking it easy, taking care of my sweet baby boy. This is our last procedure scheduled for either children. PRAISE GOD! God has truly blessed us. Marcus and Macey are doing amazingly well. I'm not surprised just filled with joy at God's goodness toward these two precious children. We are undeserving.

Thank you for continuing to follow (when I post updates) this amazing journey we are on. It is a privilege to share Marcus and Macey with those who have taken the time to get to know them. We feel your love and we are grateful for your continued prayers and support.
The journey continues...