Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eyes and Ears, Oh My!

Marcus had his surgery today. This was the day we have been waiting for. Marcus had his crossed eyes corrected. While he was under he also had tubes put in both ears and a skin tag removed, near his right ear. If only he could have been circumcised too. That is coming later this summer with another doctor in a different facility. Poor guy! The procedures themselves were quick. Just 15 for one and 30 for the other. I was not expecting for Marcus to have such a hard time waking up from the anesthesia. It was not pretty. I felt so sorry for him. He could not get comfortable. We weren't in recovery long before they let us take him home. He slept for two hours then woke up hungry. He hadn't eaten since dinner the night before. I'm surprised he lasted that long. After eating lunch he was ready for another nap. This really wiped him out. He woke up for dinner then went to bed at 7pm for the night. His eyes are blood shot and he has a band aid on the side of his face from were the skin tagged was removed. It's amazing even with the redness in his eyes to see how beautiful they look. The doctor told us it could take weeks for the redness to go away and to see the full results. We are expecting a full recovery!

Thank You to each of you who continue to pray for Marcus and Macey. They are doing just beautifully. Today's surgery is just part of the process of getting them well.
We are blessed!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blessings from the Doctor

Marcus and Macey had another check up with the pediatrician. I have seen her more in 2 months with M&M than I have seen her with T&T in the past 2 years. I am so grateful she has been so patient and kind with this "new" experience for us. We have made a list of what needs to be done and the importance of the order it should be done in. I am so glad we have her to walk us through the process. I'll spare you the list because it's long. I am encouraged to tell you the list is becoming much shorter. I can not tell you how many times God has used these doctors visits and waiting rooms as opportunities for me to share my passion and calling for orphans. I am happy to share what God has done in the lives of Marcus, Macey and our family. I pray he will continue to use each of us to share the Good News through adoption. I am so grateful that we were given the opportunity to adopt Marcus AND Macey. I am so thankful for the opportunities to seek the help they so deserve. I am thrilled with the outcome of each medical visit. We are blessed to be given two healthy, beautiful children who just so happen to have an extra chromosome. God has not given us any more than we can handle.
Thank You Dr.M for walking this journey with us and encouraging us along the way!
We are blessed!

Monday, June 8, 2009

NO cavities!

Marcus and Macey had their very first dentist appointment ever. We are sure there was not any dental care provided for either of them in the Big O. I was a bit nervous to say the least. We have brushed their teeth daily since we got them. Some days they like it and others they don't. Their breath is atrocious at times,it must be done. I was relieved when the dentist said they both look great - teeth, gums and all. The only issue Marcus has is that he is teething and his mouth is not big enough for his teeth, therefore causing overcrowding. I'm sure we will be seeing an orthodontist in the future. The good news is he said we are doing a great job, keep up the good work and we'll see them back in 6 months for another routine cleaning.
Praise God!
Another appointment marked off the list. The list is getting shorter. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dream Night at the Zoo

We enjoyed our first time at the zoo together as a family. We were invited to Dream Night at the Zoo. It is a special night for families who have "special" members. It was a night dedicated just for them. It was after regular zoo hours. They opened the park just for us. When we were checking in, Tanner our 8 year old told me he was going to tell them, "I am special and I have needs. He's such a funny boy! We met the Malone's there and were joined by the Bradley's too. It was a pleasant evening with good friends. As we were eating dinner together some other friends joined us also, Tiffany and Reed. It just so happens that they each have an extra chromosome too. They are young adults, in their late twenties. I was encouraged to spend the evening with them. There was a group of us.
Funny things happened at the zoo:
As we were exiting the bird sanctuary the timed lawn sprinklers came on. Macey got sprayed in the face. She was stunned! You should have seen all of us trying to leave without letting any of the birds out. It did not feel like a sanctuary by this point. When we went to visit the crocs and gators there was a poor little bunny that was within inches of the gators. I think it was their evening snack. I didn't stay around long enough to find out. Again, I think there are things that go on after hours at the zoo that we have NO idea about. Remember we were soaked with sprinklers and now a baby bunny for desert. We love the apes and monkey exhibit. It was a great place for Marcus to have a blow out. No one even knew the difference, the smell that is. That kid has great timing!
After three hours of wandering the zoo in our new wagon we called it a night. The kids were given a stuffed monkey as we exited the zoo. It was definitely a fun night together. We look forward to going back again real soon.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Water Play Day

Today was a HOT day. Time for water play! We brought out the water table for the first time this summer. They loved it. We spent a couple of hours outside between the water table and kiddie pool. They have both come SO far. I remember the first time we gave them a bath. It was a nightmare. I am so very proud of both of them for overcoming such a difficult experience. They love the water, whether in the bath tub, water table or pool. I have a feeling we will be outside in the water a lot this summer.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Haircuts - A first for Marcus

Today was the day, Marcus NEEDED a haircut. His hair is growing in so beautifully. It's thickening up and filling in just great. Therefore, we needed to trim the excess. You know the hairs that grow over the ears and the strands that weren't cut properly at the Big O. He needed a new look. My dear friend, Tammi got the privilege of giving him his first haircut, here that is. She did a great job. She even shaped it up and made him look like a neat little boy with a fresh hair do.
I was devastated when my fiend Lou sent me an updated picture of Marcus when she met him this past December. All I knew were the precious pictures taken by Sheila Green of my boy with his baby hair. He was adorable. Lou sent me pictures of a little boy with his baby hair shaved off. How could they? I never did get his first locks in an envelope for me to save. They butchered his hair with no rhyme or reason. I was devastated. I was told, "Looks like an orphanage haircut to me." That may be true but I didn't have to like it. Today was the day he got the haircut he deserved.

It was already time for Macey to get her bangs trimmed again. It seems we do everything in two's now. Makes things easier for the mom I can tell you. :)