Friday, December 11, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Tulsa Family's story on the Today Show

Grab the tissue, your gonna need it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ruslana has a Forever Family!

Is was back on October 3rd that I posted about a little girl named Ruslana. She is a 4 year old little girl (soon to be 5 in Jan.) who has Ds. She is currently living in an orphange in Eastern Europe. The post I wrote addressed the issue of her being transfereed before the committed family could get to her. I followed this families blog and continued to pray for Ruslana. I prayed the Lord would protect her and keep her from going to that other awful place, the mental institution. I do not have first hand experience with an institution but I know what it did to our dear friend Micah Malone in just 6 short months. It changed him. No child deserves this fate. Finally news came that the orphanage would in deed hold Ruslana until her family could arrive. I was so excited for Ruslana. It would only be a matter of days before she would be rescued. Plans change. The committed family was not able to bring Ruslana home. She would indeed be sent to the institution without a family to rescue her. I was heart broken once again for Ruslana. How many chances would she get? Our dear friends the Malone's were heart sick too. They knew what her fate was and did not want to see her moved. They answered the call only God could give and committed themselves to Bringing Ruslana Home! The Lord answered my prayers for her so quickly. It happened so fast. Just to think I have been praying for this precious child and now she is coming home, HERE. I can hardly wait to snuggle with her myself. She is just precious. I'm sure she and Macey will be great friends. (Ruslana is only a month younger than Macey). I am so excited to see the Lord work things together for His good. I am so very happy for Ruslana. She deserves a Forever Family!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

ABC has a new show we won't be watching.

Please click on this link to read an article to understand why.

As I was channel surfing I found the tail end of this show, Find My Family. I was bummed I had missed the jist of it. Because it is produced by my favorite show, Extreme Home Makeover I thought it would be a good one too. Tanner walked through the living room only to say, "This show has too much drama." Out of the mouths of babes. After reading this article I'm glad I didn't waste my time.

Let me know what you think of the article or your thoughts on the show if you watched it in it's entirety. Just curious!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Annual Down syndrome Christmas Party

Today was a day to celebrate! We celebrated those who have Down syndrome. We were invited to attend the annual DSACO Christmas Party. We were thrilled to not only be invited (we have attended for years with the Malone's) but to be an active particpant. Marcus and Macey are HERE and boy did we celebrate. Last year we only had a picture to hold on to of Marcus and didn't even know about Macey yet. Boy does time fly when your having fun! This truly is the time of my life! Back to the party, we ate a wonderful dinner, won door prizes, took pictures with Santa and received a stcoking full of goodies too. I tell you, we are spoiled. This group did a great job putting on such a wonderful event for everyone. We felt priveleged to have 2 children of our own with Ds. We were able to share our adoption story several times today. Marcus and Macey looked adorable in their matching outfits. We were asked a couple of times if they were twins. I guess I asked for that one, again. Another exciting part of the afternoon for me was people watching. I love to watch others. It was great to see the older children and adults with Ds. I felt like I was looking into our future. Skies the limit for M & M! We have truly provided them with not only a loving home, life itself but every oppurtunity known to give them. It shows! We could not be more proud of the progress they continue to make and the time we were able to share with others just like them. We are blessed!