Saturday, November 28, 2009

Eli Project has a committed family

Our friends, The Redman's have committed to adopting Victor through Eli Project. Michael, Denise and their 3 girls are friends of ours from church. They too are a home schooling family who love the Lord. After attending our debut of Eli Project they felt the Lord's calling to rescue a 10 year old little boy from Eastern Europe. We could not be more thrilled for them and Victor too. They will be changed!

Please visit their blog and welcome them into the adoption family:

It is my continued calling and passion to spread the word about the many orphans who need Forever Families. I have been given this opportunity through Eli Project. Marcus and Macey are no longer orphans, Praise God! We are still called to help defend the fatherless. I will spend the rest of my life sharing with others about those who can't speak for themselves.
Your welcome to join me!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We're in Metro Family Magazine

Click on images to read our story.

Our family was chosen to share this month, National Adoption Awareness Month, about our personal experience with adoption. This local magazine offers 35,000 copies throughout the metro area to its readers. Our prayer is that ONE family may answer the call as we did. There are many tiny lives that depend on it. I hope you'll enjoy reading our testimony as much as we did sharing it. We are blessed to be on this journey. Thanks for continuing to come along side us.