Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Win a Wii

With each $5 donation you will be entered into a drawing for a Brand New, hard to find, Wii gaming console. This comes just in time for Christmas. Help us share our adoption story by telling your friends and families. All proceeds go to Timur's adoption fund. Thank You for helping us rescue Timur!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Grab Our Button

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Home Study COMPLETE!

We are so excited that our Home Study was completed on Monday. We will send in the study to the USCIS and wait for their approval. Once they accept our Home Study they will provide us with a Federal Fingerprinting appointment. That will be the 3rd piece to the American approval puzzle.

I am so excited to be doing something. I feel like every time we complete a part of the process I can check it off my list. That means we are getting even closer to bringing Timur home. He is such a real part of our family. My kids share with everyone we know and meet that they will soon have a little brother. Tanner is so excited to be a Big brother. He has had good practice recently while helping his big sister babysit their cousin Jordan.

We pray for Timur everyday together. We pray for his health and his caregivers, that they would have favor with him. We are all so anxious and excited to bring him home were he belongs. We are still working hard at fund raising. A family from our church, Amy and Todd Lutz hosted a Garage Sale for our family over Fall Break. They were so generous with their time and home. As you know Garage Sales are a lot of work. They were able to raise $450 toward Timur's adoption fund. Praise the Lord!

It has been so exciting to see God use different people for the same purpose, to rescue Timur. It's not about us but how He is using so many of us for His Glory. Thank You for your continued prayers and gifts. We are trusting what God has begun He will complete. Stay tuned...



Friday, October 10, 2008


If you had seen our yard the day before our sale you would have thought we were moving. Our family and friends at FBC of Moore donated a yard full, including a toilet. We want to thank each of you who donated items to sell and volunteered your time to help make this sale a HUGE success. We are grateful for the Malone family. They helped before, during and after the sale. You ask, "How big was the sale?" Our sale was so big Wayne chose to sleep outside and "guard" our yard FULL of merchandise. We never really opened or closed our sale. It was open at daylight and closed at dark for 2 days. My favorite part of the sale was the opportunity to share our adoption story with so many people. We got to know neighbors we'd never met before, saw old friends from the past and made new ones. The people were so generous with their giving. They almost always told us. "Keep the change." Our family was so blessed to see God moving in such a powerful way. All we know to say is, THANK YOU. Thank You for your time, donations and prayers. This was our first fund raising event. I'd say we are off to a great start! I've been asked many times, how did we do on the sale? I'm excited to share that we did $2,600 during a 2 day Garage Sale. It's a God Thing! It's not about us but how God is using all of us to help bring Timur home. PRAISE GOD!