Sunday, February 28, 2010

We left as a family of 4 and were forever changed.

One year ago today we left as a family of 4 and were forever changed. We boarded a plane and were headed to Ukraine to meet our now son and daughter. This was a day we anticipated for 6 short months. God had moved in such a powerful way the day we said, Yes. Now it was time to go! A day we had talked about, dreamt about and wondered of it would ever come. I remember going to the airport late the night before we left to weigh our bags, just in case. I stayed up all night preparing for the trip of a lifetime. Would we have enough money, did I pack everything I could think of, what will it be like to see, then Timur for the first time? The trip itself was OK. We made it to each of our destinations with all our luggage. This was a first for Wayne and Tanner. Neither of them had ever flown before. We had the pleasure of meeting DJ and McKenna Powell and sharing part of our travels with them. They too were headed to Ukraine to adopt their precious daughter through Reece's Rainbow. It was so nice to have another couple who spoke English to travel with. We were all excited for the days to come. I could not anticipate the joy that was about to come into our lives. Marcus and Macey were and still are so much more than I could have ever imagined. I am totally head-over-heals in love with both of them. We are truly the ones who have blessed by their lives. This has been the best year of my life! We Grew by 2 and now the New Dickinson Family is a family of 6. Praise God!

Tomorrow Marcus will celebrate his 4th birthday as a US citizen and as our son. I can not help but be heavy hearted for his birth mother. I am thankful that she gave him life. Without her Marcus would not be at home with his Forever Family. I will again think of her tomorrow as we celebrate the life the Lord has blessed us. I know as a mom to two other children I gave birth to, that it is a day I will never forget. I trust that she too will remember March 1st and think of the child she gave life to. I wish that she could see how well he's doing. He's thriving, growing and has such a sweet spirit. The Lord knew exactly who would be best for our family. I am so glad Wayne chose him and told us he looks just like a Dickinson. I'm proud to say that he indeeed is a Dickinson.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today's B-Ball game featured an NBA star

We enjoyed Tanner's Upwards basket ball game this morning. We were greeted by a NBA star, Rumble. He is the mascot for the new NBA OKC Thunder team. It was a real treat to have such royalty in our church gym. The kids were all excited. Rumble brought posters that he signed for each one of the kids. We enjoyed watching the half time show when Rumble came out on a skateboard, threw out t-shirts and dunked several shots. Tanner was so excited! Marcus loved Rumble. I'm sure he has never seen such a large bison in his life. Rumble was friendly and energetic. As much as Marcus liked Rumble, Macey did not. She was frightened from the beginning. I'm sure she too has never seen such a thing in her life. She would wave from a distance but that was it. Poor baby. Needless to say this was a high light of Tanner's b-ball season. This is his first time playing on a team. He is doing really well and having fun too!

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Hero Among Us...Andrea Roberts of RR

While standing in the grocery store line please purchase the latest People magazine. (dated March 1, 2010) The founder of Reece's Rainbow is featured on pg.86 as one of People magazines Heroes Among Us. She gave birth to her son, Reece who she found out after birth had Down Syndrome. After researching her son's condition she learned that in many countries, such children are often abandoned and left in orphanages. She launched Reece's Rainbow in 2004 as a ministry to help these unwanted children find Forever Families. This is where we found our Marcus Timur and eventually Macey Tatum too. I am forever grateful to Andrea and the work she does. Marcus and Macey are home because Andrea answered the call and continues to be the voice for the defenseless. I pray the Lord continues to open doors for her ministry and for the children waiting to meet their families they each deserve.
Visit Reece's Rainbow and show your support:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One year ago today...

One year ago today we received a phone call from our adoption agency, About a Child. We were given our SDA appointment of March 3rd. We didn't quite get to meet Marcus by his 3rd birthday, March 1st but we would be in his country. We would be leaving for Ukraine in 10 days. We made the necessary calls to prepare for the trip ahead. The first call went to Wayne at work, he was thrilled. The second to my best friend Mary in Ukraine. They had just had their SDA appointment the day before. We were both adopting 2 kids from the same country just 2 weeks apart. I remember how very excited, scared and nervous we really were. It was officially time to go! I will never forget the excitement in each of us. The unknown would be revealed in just a short amount of time. We could not prepare ourselves for what was to come. We began packing for the trip of a life time. Those were the days!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Photographed for the DSACO calendar

We had the opportunity to photographed by Mr. Taylor at Taylor Made Photography in Edmond today. Wayne, Marcus, Macey and myself had our pictures made for the DSACO calendar for next year. When we came in Mr. Taylor recognized Macey. He remembered her smile. I reminded him that he took our families picture at the Ds Christmas party this past December. Marcus did well for the first 15-20 minutes then he was finished. Macey wanted to have her picture taken some more. Mr. Taylor offered a red and white, retro, kid-sized sofa for her to sit on. She laid on her tummy with her hand under her chin and gave a great big smile. Then she hopped up put her hand on her hip as if to pose and say, here I am! She was just precious! It really was a great experience. I will have to tell you it felt odd to take a picture without Taylor and Tanner. The picture was to include the parents and children of those who have Ds and were adopted. We will be sharing the month of November, adoption awareness month, with 3 others families who have also adopted. We are excited to be a part of such a fun project. It will be great for others to see that children with Ds were chosen either domestically or through international adoption. This is just one more way that our family is able to continue to share our story. I never want to take for granted the oppurtunities the Lord continues to give us. We are grateful!

The picture included was taken just before we left. There were no personal cameras allowed in the studio so here's a sneak peek from home. I can hardly wait to see just how good they turned out.
P.S. Marcus loves to pull his cheeks when you say smile or say cheese, sounds like cheeks to him.

Monday, February 15, 2010

M & M are in the ad for Sensational Kids

I was asked by Lorraine, Marcus' occupational therapist if she could use Marcus and Macey in her new ad for Sensational Kids. I was excited at the opportunity. When she asked if she could take pictures today I thought she or one of her staff was going to take them. Actually, the publisher of Metro Family Magazine came to their therapy appointment and took pictures of both the kids. This is the same magazine that featured our family in November 2009 for Adoption Awareness Month. It was also the same day that I gave Lorraine and Keri, Macey's therapist a gift. I made both of them a Creative Memories minutes PicFolio album with pictures of them with Marcus and Macey during their many therapy sessions. It was my way of telling them Thank You. We are blessed with therapists who love our kiddos and encourage them to reach their full potential. We have been to Sensational Kids for 9 months now. We see them weekly and they mean so much to us. Marcus and Macey both get so excited when we pull up in the parking lot each week. They squeal, scream and shout! They know they are going to have a good time. They have both come so far! We know it is because of the great team of those working with them to make it possible. We were thrilled with this opportunity and are grateful for the invite.

So, next month (March 2010) look for the latest Metro Family magazine, turn to page 42 and see two precious kids having a great time during occupational therapy.
P.S. MFM actually used both pictures I had taken and added to the gift albums. I guess you can say I'm a published photographer now. Ha!

If your local and need services for occupational or speech therapy you will want to call Sensational Kids, Inc. (405) 840-1686 or visit:
tell them Marcus and Macey Dickinson sent you!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Night to Remember, A Night for Ruslana

This evening was beautiful in more ways than one. We were invited to a banquet for Ruslana. Ruslana is the soon-to-be daughter of Chris and Mary Malone. This was a night to celebrate the life of a little girl who is on her way home to her Forever Family. It took weeks to plan and hours to prepare. It all came together just beautifully. The center pieces on the tables where decorated with Runslana's picture. A sweet reminder of why we had all gathered together. The highlight of the evening for me was the talk given by John and Tracie Loux. They had traveled from Kansas City to be a apart of this evening. They too have experienced the miracle of adoption, 3 times. They are part of a wonderful community who is encouraging and supportive of their ministry. They belong to IHOP, International House of Prayer. The message they brought was both challenging and encouraging. There is always something for each one of us to do to support the life of an orphan or support the family who has just rescued one, or two. They were honest and heartfelt about the mission to do something, get involved. The Bible commands us to do so. I felt inspired to do even more. It was great meeting them and getting to know them in person. Thanks to blog land and Reece's Rainbow we have "met" many families with the same heart and calling to do more for those left and unwanted. It was nice to be with people of like mind. The banquet provided a delicious lasagna dinner and a band led by Chris himself for entertainment. Wayne had the privilege of playing for the evening. They actually sang his song, Tiny Hands. It was a song Wayne wrote inspired by our own adoption. I can't wait until they get it recorded and we can share with each of you. Taylor and Tanner enjoyed their part in the banquet too. Taylor served along side the other Malone children and Tanner enjoyed taking tickets at the door. Everyone had a part one way or the other. It was a night of worship and bringing honor to the call of rescuing a little girl who needs a family to call her own. It was privilege to be a part of something so meaningful. I look forward to the day I can meet Ruslana and snuggle her myself.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Big Sister turns 15!

WOW! I remember today, 15 years ago like it was yesterday. Taylor was our first born. We named her Taylor from the moment the stick turned pink. It was Taylor whether she was a boy or a girl. She was actually named after a Taylor guitar. A brand of guitar we could not afford at the time. Fortunately for Wayne I liked the name. It's fun to go back and remember all of her "firsts." She has come so far. From a wee little baby to a beautiful young lady. We could not be more proud of her. She is truly a blessing to each of our lives. She is full of compassion and love for the least of these. It was Taylor who began talking about adoption a few years ago. She would mention how she would love to adopt a little China baby and name her Tatum. She would even draw pictures of her. She was inspired by the ministry of Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman of Shohannah's Hope. Little did she know we would answer the call to adopt ourselves. Only it would not be a little China girl but a handsome little boy with Down syndrome from Ukraine. She was thrilled with the thought of adopting a child but she really did have her heart set on a little sister. We began the process of adopting Marcus Labor Day weekend (Sept.08). She was so supportive the entire time. She worked hard to help bring her little brother home. We had an enormous garage sale that she worked tirelessly at and she told everyone we knew and others we didn't that we were rescuing a little boy who needed a Forever Family. Her excitement was and still is contagious. I will always remember her excitement when we were told there was a little girl 4 years old, with Ds, living in the same orphanage as Marcus who also need a home. Macey would become the little sister she always wanted. Therefore we named that little girl Macey Tatum. Tatum means, brings joy. Macey has truly brought us all a lot of joy. Macey and Taylor have a sweet sisterly bond. I think it's because she cherishes her and knows that God truly answered a life long prayer to bring her a little sister through adoption. Taylor continues to work tirelessly to help care for her little brothers and sister. It is a work of heart to her. I hardly ever have to ask her to help before she has already jumped in. I know it's because she feels she is giving to the Lord when she cares for her siblings. I do appreciate all of her help and even more so her unselfish attitude as we have had to all adjust to doubling the size of our family. I know how much she serves and I love to give back to her. We enjoy our time together getting a pedicure or shopping just the two of us. I thank God for Taylor and the beautiful young lady inside and out that she has become. Today, February 4th and all weekend long we celebrate the birth of our first born.

Monday, February 1, 2010 save a life!

Today I had the privilege of donating platelets for a family member. I just learned last week that my sister-n-law has Leukemia. Dee Dee Dixon-Rund is the wife of my brother Kevin and the mother of Morgan (16) and Emmery (11). She is fighting for her life! I don't have all the details. What I do know is donating is something I could do to help her in this time of need. She is the president of Oklahoma City Title and Abstract Company in Edmond, OK. They held a blood drive for her last Friday. I was unable to attend the drive due to the weather. I was excited to learn that 25 people donated for her that day at her office. The request now is for 2,000 people to get registered for the National Bone Marrow Registry. I registered today. It really is easy to do. I would encourage anyone in the state of Oklahoma to register on her behalf and donate blood through the Oklahoma Blood Institute. Dee Dee receives $20 credit for every donation given in her name. No matter your blood type or the blood product you choose to give, whole blood or platelets, etc. If you are reading this and unable to donate for whatever reason please pray for Dee Dee and her healing. We serve a Big God and my prayer is that she knows Him as her personal Lord and Savior.
If you are able to donate PLEASE do. It matters!
I would love for Dee Dee to receive the credit for your donation. Please e-mail me and I will give you her name and hospital so she receives proper credit. (

Again, Just Donate!

Thank You!