Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Donate for Buddy Walk!

DONATE FOR BUDDY WALK TEAM - GREW BY 2 www.firstgiving.com/meghandickinson
or donate directly from the sidebar to first giving.

We are excited once again to have this wonderful opportunity to participate in Buddy Walk 2010. We have a team, Grew By 2. Last year was our first year to participate as a family with children of our own who have Ds. What a celebration that was. To think just last year Marcus & Macey were in an orphanage with no hope of a family. God called us & we went. Now, a year & a half later we are at a walk to celebrate them. The DSACO has been so good to our family. They are such a great support as a new family learning about Ds & meeting other families too. We were given a wonderful opportunity because DSACO had grants in place to support families wanting to attend the National Down syndrome conference in Orlando, FL. That's right, one year Macey is in a bed in an orphanage & the next she is at the Magic Kingdom meeting a princess, Cinderella. I do feel like we have been given a fairytale but I know better. GOD has given us the gift of Ds with the lives of Marcus & Macey. Our hearts have been opened to another community we were missing out on. I thank God he chose us to rescue M&M. It's our turn to "give back" & help raise funds & awareness for the DSACO. With YOUR help we can meet our goal. Last year we raised $600 in 6 days. Because we have 2 children with Ds to support we raised our goal to $1,000. If everyone gave something we could reach our goal. We have just 10 days to do it. We could reach our goal if everyday we received $100, 10 people gave $100 each, 20 of you gave $50, 40 of you gave $25 you get the idea. We need your support. No gift is too small. Every dollar counts. This cause is near & dear to our hearts. Please won't YOU support Marcus & Macey as we celebrate them & the many others with Ds at Buddy Walk 2010.

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Jennifer C. Roberts said...

We can't wait for Buddy Walk!