Friday, June 25, 2010

All HE wanted was our YES!

We have dear friends in Ukraine currently adopting their 10 year old little boy, Erik. They have been corresponding with him for months prior to their arrival. Erik would send letters, pictures he'd drawn & a special request that they would please bring his best friend Sergiy home with them. Michael & Denise did not choose to adopt Sergiy along with Erik. That means Sergiy is still adoptable. After many phone conversations with Denise sharing about Eric & his dear friend Sergiy our hearts were stirred. Denise told us what a sweet but shy boy Sergiy is. It was no coincidence that we were given the opportunity to host him, here in OK for the month of August. We were all excited! Tanner said, "I've always wanted a brother." We explained that he was here for a visit, no promises. All along Wayne & I knew it was possible to adopt Sergiy. Eli Project's website read that he was available for hosting & for adoption. It was always in the back of our mind. We knew that we were doing what God had asked us to do, commit to the hosting opportunity. We proceeded with the process. We knew our family budget was not capable of providing $2,000 in just 3 short weeks. We put a plea out to many of you. Within the first day we received word that our first donation was on it's way. God was at work. It didn't take long before I felt the rug being pulled out from under me. Here we were committed to bringing him here, committed to working hard to collect the necessary funds but most importantly committed to opening our hearts & home to a child in need. We said YES to whatever/whoever God had for our family. It is with a humble heart that I share with you that Sergiy will not be coming to our home in August. He is actually being hosted by a family in Florida & a different family has committed to adopting him. Good News for Sergiy! All we ever wanted was what is best for Sergiy. This is the life of a child.
You ask, what happened? We said YES to what was right in front of us, the opportunity to give Sergiy what they call a holiday, a vacation. With a host program you commit to opening your hearts & your home to a child for a determined amount of time & allow the Lord to work. The rest is up to HIM. We were ready for that. We were not however ready to commit to adopting him today. That's not what God called us to do. Wayne & I decided the hosting program was a great opportunity for Sergiy to meet our family, be loved on & maybe just maybe love us back. We were prepared for whatever God had for each of us. The dynamics of our family is not the same. We have changed in the last year. We now have 2 special needs children who are non-verbal. We have two other children who their lives matter a great deal to us too. We brought Marcus & Macey home as family & we were willing to host Sergiy as a family too. It is in the best interest of our family, as of today, to host a 13 year old boy before choosing to go ahead & adopt him. That in itself is a whole other post. That is why the host program is a wonderful opportunity for our family. It's the best of both world's. Unfortunately for us we are not able to host Sergiy in August. I feel like we are missing out on a wonderful blessing. The opportunity is no longer available for us. Sure we can host Sergiy as of today but we are choosing not to. Why? Because a different family has committed to adopting him. What if we allow Sergiy into our hearts & our home & we fall in love with him? What if he loves us back? What if he wants us to adopt him? It's not a risk we're willing to take. We would have been devastated if someone would have adopted Marcus or Macey after we had already committed to them. Is that possible? Absolutely! It's not over until the judge declares them yours. We watched that very thing happen to some dear friends of ours & it was heart breaking. We can not invite him into our lives knowing a family is ready to welcome him home today. Right is right & God will honor that. This is a time when all feelings have to be put aside & know that God is in control & I am not. I have been told God has something better. God's provision is best. I can not wait to see what God has in store next for the Dickinson family.
Please join me as I pray Sergiy home into his Forever Family!
All HE wanted was our YES!


Alyson said...

I am so thrilled for Sergiy but I know that you are disappointed. God knew all of these details before we did and we will trust that ALL will be done for God's glory and for what is best for Sergiy. You and Wayne are such a sweet example for all of us! Thank you for sharing your heart with us!

Carol said...

You and Wayne are such a blessing to Jim and myself. I hadn't checked your blog in a few days and had missed that you were trying to host Sergie. Its wonderful that Sergie has a forever family wanting to adopt him. Now I am waiting to see what God has in store for you and Wayne! Love you lots!